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Mimesis features a new body of work which includes video, installation, CGI digital avatar performance, expanded digital paintings and print and an experimental virtual reality work-in-progress.

In this new body of work Hoey explores a contemporary interpretation of an ancient concept by Plato, Mimesis[1]. From the anthropological to the political, Hoey examines the nature of human behaviour at times of crisis. Drawing from theories such as mimetic crowd contagion, mirror neurons, mimicry, simulation and affective contagion, Hoey investigates how the body, both social and political, merges with technological systems and the role behavioural imitation plays in the posthuman turn[2]. The work also investigates new technologies such as facial capture, 3D scanning and virtual reality, developing works that examine the digital human, avatar performance nature and techne[3], reality and simulation.

Mimesis Solstice Navan 2021 Photography: Jed Niezgoda

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