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Bone Of What Absent Thing Living Canvas Wilton Park November 2022 March 2023

3D procedural animation, artificial intelligence,  facial performance capture. 

Duration:  7.10 mins

In this contemporary retelling of the myth of Medusa, Elaine Hoey trains an artificial intelligence (AI) model with multiple narratives surrounding the ancient myth. Combining classical literature, academic text, fiction and personal writings, the AI shapes new narratives that questions violence towards women and the negative representation of the ‘monstrous’ female body. This work evokes the spirit of both living and dead feminists philosophers and writers, such as Donna Haraway, Octivia Butler, Hannah Arendt, Helene Cixous, Gloria Steinem and Judith Butler by sampling speech, accent, tone, timbre and combing their voices via AI to create a powerful single narrator calling out across the ages. Over the centuries the female body has continuously been a battlefield of diverging ideologies, biopolitical control, values and violence. It is seen as reproductive, sexual, as property, a place of purity, as Eve and the Virgin Mary.  Ultimately the monstrous feminine can be reclaimed as a site to challenge patriarchal power, subvert traditional ideals of the female form and amplify voices to highlight systemic gender violence within society.

Dual Screen Bone of What Absent Thing 2023

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