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The Weight Of Water 2016



The Weight of Water is an interactive virtual reality installation which appropriates gaming technology to explore the current refugee crisis. The work places the viewer in a central role, as both performer and witness in this 360 ̊immersive narrative. Words and sound create an abstract visual landscape as the viewer navigates a difficult boat journey made by refugees as Europe begins to close its borders to those seeking asylum.

Up Coming Exhibitions The Weight Of Water

The Model, Sligo  Nov 2017- Feb 2018

The Draiocht Blanchardstown, Dublin Oct-Nov 2017

Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Brussells (to be confirmed)


Past Exhibitions The Weight Of Water

RHA Futures Show 2017

Design and Violence MoMA & Science Gallery Dublin 2016

RDS Visual Arts Awards Dublin 2016

NCAD BA Graduate Exhibition 2016

Elaine Hoey works mainly creating interactive based installations, appropriating gaming industry aesthetic and techniques, such as virtual reality, motion capture, 3d virtual avatars and environments. Hoey’s work focuses on the intersection between media, technology and politics. As we become increasingly digitally dependant, her work remind us of the political stakes not only of the pictures our media show us, but in the way our eyes, ears and bodies encounter them. Utilising virtual reality technology she investigates immersing the viewer in performative and often uncomfortable roles within her digitally constructed worlds exploring the potential of mediated presence as an experience capable of challenging perceptions of the virtual and the real.

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